Sparkline Chart Demo

This is an example of a sparkline chart made with the WP Business Intelligence plugin. This chart type is a great way to depict changes or trends in for a metric over time. Below you will find the SQL query used to generate this demo chart. This query selects all data from a secondary database for the stock ticker of a big tech corporation. The data is fictional, but does a great job of showing how a sparkline chart can show changes in a single metric over a period of time.

You can easily add a chart like this sparkline chart to your own website using our plugin WP Business Intelligence Pro which comes with more beautiful charts and features.

Available in

  • WP Business Intelligence Pro


  • Chart Library: Britecharts
  • Caption: Off
  • Tooltip: None
  • Animation: On

SQL Query Example

This is the SQL query used to produce the above demo sparkline chart from a MySQL database.

SELECT * FROM stocks WHERE symbol="facebook"